Noel Gallagher says why he thinks “nobody likes” U2’s Bono

    Over recent weeks, former Oasis bandleader Noel Gallagher has become quite the potty-mouthed chatterbox when asked to share his thoughts on… anything, really. Having dubbed Prince Harry a “fucking woke snowflake” and labeled Boris Johnson a “fat c**t” for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Gallagher has been gleefully spouting sweary opinions like a man who has long since run out of fucks to give.

    A cynic might wonder if Gallagher’s newly unleashed BritPop Roger Mellie act is born from the realisation that he has a new ‘greatest hits’ album to promote this week and has suddenly woken up to the fact that his last two UK singles charted at number 71 and number 77 respectively, and he hasn’t had a single penetrate the Top 20 since – checks notes – ah, 2011.

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