ONSLAUGHT Guitarist NIGE ROCKETT On Departure Of Vocalist SY KEELER – “We Made A Mutual Decision That He Was Gonna Go, As Sad As It Is For Us”

    Guesting on the Metal Command podcast, Onslaught guitarist Nige Rockett discussed the departure of vocalist Sy Keeler, which was announced back in April.

    Rockett: “Sy’s kind of struggled with tours for the last couple of years, and he’s got a new job which he’s head first into and he’s really enjoying the kind of work he’s doing. He was unable to take lots of time off, and, as I said, he wasn’t really enjoying the whole touring thing like the rest of us. So we kind of made a mutual decision that he was gonna go, as sad as it is, obviously, for us, because he’s been with us a long time, and he’s a fucking great vocalist. At first, it was a kind of worry what was gonna happen, but then we found Dave Garnett.”

    Onslaught have since announced Keeler’s  replacement, Dave Garnett, along with a new album track teaser.

    Says the band: “We’re extremely proud to now have Dave within the Onslaught ranks, Please give him a big ‘THRASH METAL’ welcome!”

    Dave Garnett comments: “Naturally, like everyone, I was gutted to hear about the departure of Sy Keeler’ Onslaught’s music and Sy’s vocal style has been an influence of mine for many years, so it was a great honour for me to be asked by the band to fill these very BIG shoes. As the new voice of Onslaught, I want to honour Sy for his amazing performances over the years, while at the same time as bringing a new sound and energy to the band. With a new album set for release and so many live shows / festivals in the works, I will be extremely excited to step out on to the stage with great anticipation and give the fans what they deserve!!!”


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