Open Road’s classic Windy Daze album to be reissued this summer

    Open Road’s Windy Daze will be re-released as a double album on June 25 via Esoteric. The highly collectable 1971 classic has been remastered from the original Greenwich Gramophone masters and now includes 11 rare recordings, nine from the band’s previously unreleased second album.

    Open Road were formed by drummer John Carr and bassist/guitarist Mike Thomson in 1970. Both Carr and Thomson had been in Donovans band for his 1970 album Open Road. After the sessions, Donovan arranged some live shows with his new band, which he also named Open Road. After playing Europe, the band returned to the UK for the legendary 1970 Isle of Wight festival. Donovan parted company with his band soon afterwards leaving Carr and Thomson free to use the name for their standalone project. Simon Lanzon was brought in on keyboards with Barry Husband on guitars.

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