Sabaton has issued a live music video for “Swedish Pagans”, taken from The Art Of War: Re-Armed album (2010). The clip was filmed on stage during 2020’s The Great Tour in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Sabaton History Channel has released Episode 078, “Coat Of Arms” – The Greco-Italian War. Watch below.

A message states: “Morning of October 28th, 1940. The Italian ambassador to Greece had entered the house of Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas. An unacceptable ultimatum in hand, he demanded subjugation under Italian rule. Refusal would mean war. An ardent Ochi! was the answer. No, the Greek would not bow to fascist demands, but instead fight for the defense of their country and their honor. What followed were months of bitter fighting in the harsh environment of Epirus and the Macedonian mountains. The Greco-Italian War.”