Sally Dige Cherishes the Memories of a Lost Love in her Video for “You”

    I had a dream that you held me again

    Under the clouds

    Oh that summer in Berlin

    Danish-Canadian artist and songwriter Sally Dige has woven an idyllic daydream of beguiling romance in her dreamy new self-directed video for her new single, “You.”

    Strumming a lute and singing under a blue sky in a gorgeous green meadow, Dige travels inward and wanders the streets, recalling a dream of love lost with pensive, introspective lyrics. The hypnotic track, although melancholy, is a gentle listen, bringing to mind the music of Molly Nilsson and the dream pop of Mazzy Star.

    Whoever the song is about, this is a love lost by not forgotten, with cherished memories dancing around the room like ghosts. And in the video, Dige’s skilled direction tells a simple narrative with an eye for great beauty, joining forces behind the lens with longtime collaborator Sanne de Neige.

    Watch the lovely video for ‘You” below:

    Listen to the track below, along with an instrumental version here.

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