Shrooms Circle – Little Puppet [EP]

    Shrooms Circle was created by Kelen Ob and Scorp in Vevey, Switzerland, as a studio project in 2013, and the first Demo was recorded the same year. In 2016 Shrooms Circle was joined by Asknt , Johann, Teckel and Odile, in order to perform live shows. Two years later, Golden Dawn Recordings released on tape format the self titled EP which featured three songs from the upcoming album and various tracks including the Asylum demo. This EP was just followed by the first full-length album called Asylum (as well). The album was recorded in various locations between 2015 and 2017 and the vocals were originally performed by Kelen Ob, before being re-recorded with Odile. In June 2018, the band experienced a tragic issue during a fire which totaled their rehearsal place and recording studio. The Circle was back for Halloween, presenting the song Little Puppet, available on digital format.

    Shrooms Circle – Little Puppet [2020] 1 – Drowning Cage ~ 0:00
    2 – Little Puppet ~ 5:30

    Shrooms Circle

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