Skraeckoedlan – Eorpe

    Skraeckoedlan’s newest offering is entitled Eorpe (Fuzzorama) – or Earth for the non-Swedes. Eorpe is part Stoner, part psychedelic music, with much sounding like New Wave music from the eighties with modern production values.  There’s a familiarity to the tone and pacing of the music that us old fogies will enjoy, but, it’s “out there” enough for younger listeners to turn on, tune in, and drop out – the blending works as it’s a relaxing non-offensive listen.

    Some of the tracks have an old-style U2 vibe. Others sport a wall of sound. The construction, presentation, and production of a few of the tunes reminds of Bauhaus. The music is very expansive; like Sweden, large swaths of open space, rolling hills, rivers, and creeks cutting out a tapestry of moving blue. However, the mix of vocals and music on ‘Guldaldern’ doesn’t quite mesh. It sounds as if the downbeat is forced – the vocals trying to land at the correct time.

    ‘Kung Mammut” is full of dissonance and the distorted guitar here is strong. The runs are a simple progression, but it’s prominent and familiar. Henrik Gruttner and Robert Lemu lay some guitar riffage that is on point. ‘Mammutkungens bar’ has a cool retro intro that segues into a frug-style modern rock jam. Again, it’s the familiarity of the composition and pacing that draws you in.

    Skraeckoedlan’s Eorpe is a satisfactory album. It’s nice and relaxing to listen to and to have on in the background as you go about your daily routine. Skraeckoedlan’s been around for ages and they know their stuff. The compositions on Eorpe are decently put together and there are plenty of tracks where you can dance about your flat or drive down a highway with the top down and the wind in your hair.

    6 / 10



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