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    Post-rock doom vibes

    Finland may be more famous for its black-metal bands than for its stoner and doom ones. However, Oranssi Pazuzu and Kaleidobolt, each one in their own way, are not the only gems out of the Finnish alt-metal scene. Slowenya also belongs to this category. Turku’s trio recently released its second album labeled Meadow, a refreshing opus, combining definitely modern doom with post-rock influences and a sharp sense of atmosphere building. 

    How is the sound?

    “Drastic, Vibrant” is a short ambient opener, full of synth waves and deep bass, that directly highlights Slowenya post-rock inclination. The second track “Nákàn” is much heavier. The music rapidly falls into modern low-tuned doom. These crushing passages alternate with more aerial and hopeful post-rock phases with a clear voice. The combination of both sections really makes the originality of Slowenya’s music. 

    The third track “Synchronized” sounds like Domkraft underdoped post-rock/shoegaze influences. The atmosphere has definitely something to see with a post-metal soundscaping approach. The work on dual voices is most valuable and will please David Bowie‘s admirers. 

    The following track “Irrevocable” has some more experimental sides, such as the disconcerting intro melody. The composition is sharp and innovative. The alternation between doomy and grungy phases still works well. In the final section, a mix between grunge and early stoner brings a catchy conclusion to the sound. 

    The fifth track “Transcients” is another ambient interlude, before the closing track entitled “Resonate & Relate”. Slowenya comes back to what makes the essence of Meadow: modern post-rock-fueled doom. A screamed voice adds some welcome aggressivity to the sound.

    Why is this album worth listening to?

    • Because Slowenya has found a quite original space in the doom scene.
    • Because the combination of doom and post-rock/shoegaze works well.
    • Because the production of both instruments and voices is flawless.

    In what situation should you listen to this album?

    When you get bored of classic psych-doom. 


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