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    From the dark depths into higher spheres.

    Son Cesano‘s second album is a dreamy instrumental journey, just like their debut album Submerge, but as the title suggests, it is lighter, wider and more free.

    The songs take us with them, while they develop through all kinds of different stages, opening up vast atmospheric realms for us to explore.

    We find a well-balanced mix of jammy and proggy, and strong contrasts from dark to bright, which nicely resembles the album’s theme.

    How’s The Sound?

    The trip starts with a vibrant first song, ‘Monus Bonus’ builds up the energy that we need to lift us away from the clutches of gravity.

    Now that we float freely, ‘The Nordic One’ sets us on an emotional course through inner space. Don’t be afraid to shed a little tear on the way, because the destination is warm and forgivingly heavy.

    ‘The Mystic Four’ comes very gentle and optimistic like after facing our emotions, we are able to see much clearer where the road can go – and then we truly start exploring.

    ‘Ruskial’ is the most playful track on the album, it really lets the mind loose until we end up in a completely different world, asking ourselves how did we get here?

    ‘Pos. T’ feels like a turning point. As we soar over endless deserts, the vibes are getting obscurer and ultimately point toward the heavy ending.

    But before that, there is one last puzzle to solve for us. ‘6. Akt’ is more on the cerebral side, the sound is cold and clear, forming mountains of ice, and crushing them in the end.

    For the finale, we deserve at least a slow-motion sunset on planet mercury, don’t you think? And that’s exactly what we get – the last song ‘Hardangial’ wraps us in calm, giving the album a strong finish, that leaves no one unsatisfied.


    Why is this album worth listening to?

    • The record is delicately composed and has a lot to discover.
    • The mood in each song is thoughtfully built up and delivered – it will pick you up from anywhere.
    • Son Cesano cooked this one with no regard to genre boundaries, they threw in a variety of styles and sounds. The melange will stimulate all your different taste buds. Bon appétit!

    In what situation should you listen to this album?

    On long travels, playing fantasy games, or getting creative.

    Something particular to note?

    The album beautifully reflects its title in each song.


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