With “Screaming from Beyond” US heavy metal outfit, Spirit Ad release the last single before their new album, Enlightened In Eternity, drops on October. For the official music video for “Screaming from Beyond” the band teamed up with video director Guilherme Henriques.

The band comment: “Once again we have joined forces with our close friend and collaborator Guilherme Henriques to bring our shared vision to life. ‘Screaming From Beyond’ is about death, loss, grief, mourning, and struggling with the concept of an afterlife or lack thereof. Guilherme inherently understands what Spirit Adrift is trying to convey with our music, and this is our most powerful collaboration to date. This video is mysterious, ominous, tragic, and intense… a perfect visual companion for the song. We hope it resonates with all of you as much as it did with us.”

Enlightened In Eternity formats:

-CD Digipak – all outlets
-Gatefold black LP – all outlets
-100x Gatefold transparent orange LP – Evil Greed shop
-100x Gatefold transparent magenta LP – CM Mailorder Shop
-200x Gatefold light blue LP – CM Distro

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“Ride Into The Light”
“Astral Levitation”
“Cosmic Conquest”
“Screaming From Beyond”
“Harmony Of The Spheres”
“Battle High”
“Stronger Than Your Pain”
“Reunited In The Void”

”Astral Levitation” lyric video:

“Harmony Of The Spheres” lyric video:

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