Supernauta – Supernauta [LP]

    We are Supernaut; Gibran Ramírez (Drums), Fernando Rodríguez (Bass), Héctor Rodarte (Guitar) and Alejandro Morales (Voice). The idea of ​​Supernauta was born at the beginning of 2013, and already consolidated as of 2018, this is our first album titled as our band “Supernauta” that has our essence and our influences, we cannot define it as a single genre since each song is different, and that’s something we like, being able to play with various genres and still be a Supernaut. Supernaut – Supernaut [2016]
    1 – Apollo 512 ~ 0:00 2 – Supernaut ~ 0:59 3 – Alter Ego ~ 6:29 4 – The Highway ~ 10:46 5 – Black Holes ~ 15:55 6 – To Live Is To Die ~ 19:08 7 – Catching Fire ~ 22:46 8 – Psychonaut ~ 26:16 Supernaut Facebook

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