Swiss Art-Rock Ensemble 4 Beat Grace Debut Brooding Post-Punk Single “Existence”

    Pain to those who destroy
    Gain for those who know how to play
    Lies on your way
    Fake the faker the truth is away

    Swiss art-rock outfit 4 Beat Grace returns with a mysterious new single, “Existence.”  Making wry commentary on the abysses of human life and the hope of overcoming them, the Zurich-based outfit gracefully weaves dreams and human experience with a more shoegaze-influenced number. The tense world situation and the adversities on our planet stirred the imaginations of lyricist Reto Scherrer, aka R Grace, and vocalist Sagex.

    “Love and hate – sincerity and lies. Existence is about life,” says the band. “About the mindful treatment of yourself, your fellow human beings and how you meet the others in this world who trample any ethics with their feet. A call for more respect on our planet.”

    Although things seem bleak and the lyrics are morose, R Grace cultivates a trace of hope; it is musically joyful and pushes the band’s sonic boundaries. On Existence, we hear elements borrowed from eclectic sources such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Alien Sex Fiend, The Cramps, and Wire. Sagex’s delivery channels Lebanon Hanover with a smidgen of Lene Lovich, a unique combination indeed.

    Listen to “Existence” below:

    4 Beat Grace was formed in early 2021; their love for post-punk and alternative rock informs their sound. R Grace is fascinated by the depths of human life, processing experiences from thirty years of playing music. He is proudly eclectic in his tastes, daring inspiration from his record collection, which ranges from Slayer to Chopin.

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