Synth Artist FOE Debuts New Single “Diamonds” Featuring Alina Valentina

    “When will I know if I’ll be, a diamond or just a brick, the answer lies in the sea

    My ship has room just for one, I take a map and I’m gone, toward the island of sound

    And near the island I see, a giant graveyard of ships, the island’s covered with cliffs

    And at the edge of the peaks they all stand plucking their strings, and there’s a glint from their teeth.”

    Singer-songwriter FOE had enough with the rat race and, for a time, decided to carve out space to follow a music dream.  The result is a new single, called “Diamonds” featuring Alina Valentina, out today. With a sound akin to Depeche Mode, Visage, MGMT, and Empathy Test, Valentina’s pure, hypnotic vocals describe an intense narrative with the wry disconnect of Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys.

    “The idea…came to me one night while I was watching a Youtube video regarding music composition and trying to follow along,” says FOE. “I spent hours trying to make a specific chord progression work with a melody I came up with. I failed miserably. This experience made me appreciate how long the road for making good music truly is. I realized that those artists who walk the road and reach its end are truly special. I wanted to write a song about my journey and how these talented artists inspire me to try and be better in each release.”

    Listen below:

    FOE composes this unique bedroom synthpop in Tel-Aviv. A struggle with Crohn’s disease prompted the life change to follow a lifelong passion.  “Currently, the subjects I focus on in my music are mostly self-esteem, living up to your potential, and extreme physical pain.”

    Find ‘Diamonds” on Bandcamp here

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