Synth-infused Deathrock Project Carnal Machinery Churns in Scathing Video for “Boiling Blood”

    Finnish electronic deathrock act Carnal Machinery is back with his caustic synth-laden cry havoc video for “Boiling Blood”, a track on his recently released solo debut LP Cluster A.

    With the soul-crushing effects of the global pandemic scuttling plans for his band Virgin in Veil to tour, Helsinki-based musician Jacques Saph (formerly of Sleeping Children, current bassist of Masquerade), could not rest while in lockdown. During this time, the idea germinated inside him to weave the prevailing darkness surrounding everything into a new solo project. The result is a record that fuses the best elements of darkwave and deathrock into what would become the dark synthpunk opus, “Cluster A”, a collection of songs written, recorded, and mixed during the spring months of 2021.

    Seeking to create a unique sound, Carnal Machinery throws his synth-punk, deathrock, and post-punk into a blender utilizing full electronic instrumentation to create serrated and tenebrous music that works in perfect interplay with Jacques’ screeching vocal melodies.

    Watch the video for the album track “Boiling Blood” below:


    Find Carnal Machinery’s Cluster A on Bandcamp here:

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