The internet might have discovered the most chill Metallica cover ever

    Ever listened to Metallica and thought “This is good, but what if I want to relax“? Admittedly, thrash metal isn’t usually the go-to genre when people are looking to unwind, but that could yet change, for we’ve just heard YouTuber Benj Ellerby covering Ride The Lightning classic Fade To Black on a steel tongue pan drum. 

    Via his YouTube page, Ellerby has been using his drumming skills to create some seriously impressive and unique percussive compositions, experimenting with combinations of traditional drums and handpan/tongue pan drums.

    One notable video sees him combine both approaches for what he calls ‘new age prog metal’ – and in fairness it does sound like something Tool would go for, while another has him offering traditional metal drum tracks to themes from classic Sega Megadrive/Genesis games.

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