The P.A.’s – Bancroft’s Castle [EP]

    Hailing from Lowell, Massachusetts, the P.A.’s has been composed of a near constantly rotating cast of creatives such as Calvin Whittington, Christian DiBari of Fraud, Joe Milia of Burp and Jared Winn, all directed by frontman guitarist and vocalist Ellis Roundy. The P.A.’s instrumentation can be defined as a mix of rock genres ranging from psychedelic rock to punk, noise rock, and beyond. Their influences come mainly from contemporary bands such as Thee Oh Sees, KGATLW, and Lightning Bolt, while also reflecting on the roots of the genre with bands like Can, King Crimson, and The Stooges. This mix of genres is set to Roundy’s eccentric vocal style, barking lyrics involving sniveling orcs, voracious monsters, magical violence, and psychedelic gore.The band was initiated when Roundy and former drummer Calvin Whittington began setting up their equipment and playing in random locations such as skateparks and city streets until the cops arrive. Since then, the band has gained a reputation for having some of the loudest, most energetic, and engaging live performances in the local scene, where band members can be seen adorned with occult inspired war paint hurling themselves into mosh pits, throating the microphones, and experimenting with feedback through wild, untethered improvisations.The P.A.’s are also extremely devoted to their output, having released two albums in the first year of their inception, “Feed Us”, and “Bancroft’s Castle”, both released in 2021.

    The P.A.’s – Bancroft’s Castle [2021] 1 – Spetsnaz ~ 0:00
    2 – Changeling ~ 3:09
    3 – Golem ~ 5:17
    4 – Dopplegoblin ~ 9:05
    5 – Bancroft ~ 14:24
    6 – Glass Eye ~ 22:40

    The P.A.’s
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