The Sound of 1985 New Wave Ballads Returns in Basic Elements Video for “Lucky”

    Capturing the soaring sound and emotional intensity of classic new-wave pop circa 1985, Los Angeles’ Basic Elements are premiering today their lyric video for “Lucky.” The song is described as being written in the ’80s but with modern production courtesy of Ed Buller (Suede, Pulp, Psychedelic Furs).

    The dramatic synth-pop ballad “Lucky” is a love letter to an era lost in the neon glow of nostalgia. “Lucky” invokes the passionate, emotional intensity of both early Tears for Fears and INXS. The song is a slow burner that takes flight with a powerful, surging chorus. Here a vintage sound is woven through haunting lyrics that capture the contrasting feelings of love, loss, and gratitude. In addition to the Ed Buller (Suede, Pulp, Psychedelic Furs) produced studio recording of the track, the song’s new cassingle’s B-Side features a live version of the song performed in 1987.
    Like the band’s previous releases, “Lucky” was written in the mid-‘80s when the band’s members were just in their teens. Bassist, William Preston Bowling, recalls the song’s significance: “Lucky was a transitional song for us. It was the last one we wrote with our original guitarist, the late Ken Dunipace, and the first one we worked on with our new and current guitar player, David Youssefi. The song has always been about embracing change and holding on to the moment.”
    Watch the lyric video for ‘Lucky” below:


    Keeping true to the song’s theme of transitions, the release of “Lucky” marks the band’s own transition from its Arizona roots to its current home base of Los Angeles. They’re doing so by collaborating with the iconic indie record shop, Soundsations Records, to celebrate Record Store Day. The band will make an in-person appearance at the spot the LA Weekly calls, “the friendliest ’lil record store,” to present an exclusive, limited edition cassingle of “Lucky.”
    For more information on Soundsations Records, go here.
    It will be the first time the band has been together since their pre-Covid reunion show at the Mint in 2019. Synth player, Jonathan Goldman, says: “We haven’t been able to hang out, let alone jam, since our reunion show, so we’re looking forward to getting together to celebrate this release and the spirit of independent record stores.”

    Following “Lucky,” Basic Elements will release the rest of the Buller-produced songs over the course of 2021, building to the full release which will be pressed on collectible vinyl. It’s not often you get to discover new music from the ‘80s but Basic Elements achieves just that. Each song delivers a euphoric mix of nostalgia for original fans of Post-Punk/New Wave, and an exciting sense of discovery for the next generation finding the band on streaming platforms.

    Find Basic Elements on Spotify here.

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    Cover art by Todd Alcott

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