Thy Art is Murder – Human Target

    Australia’s top extreme metal act, Thy Art is Murder, has returned in another aggressive deathcore release, Human Target (Nuclear Blast). This record is audible adrenaline up through the closing seconds and is the perfect length at thirty-eight minutes for ten tracks. The most rewarding part of this album, however, is that each track does enough differently to keep your attention.

    The opening track, ‘Human Target’, is an absolute punch to the nose to start off the identically named album. Heavy, down-tuned guitar riffs are the backbone here until a catchy breakdown comes in to close out the song. ‘Eternal Suffering’ is the outlier on the album that sounds like it could have been a B-side but sounds like one of the best on the record. A slow-building intro that empties into punishing guitar and drum work with a few harmonies poured in. Then, different stages of a breakdown brings the track down to a static ending. Lastly, with a title like ‘Make America Hate Again’, I had to mention this statement track that only Thy Art is Murder could make. Right off the bat, the guitar riffs are piercing and you are up to your ears in tempo. The breakdown halfway through the song is an absolutely crushing breakdown that is one of the most memorable on the whole album. I am sure this track will divide quite a few heavy music fans but it is quite enjoyable regardless.

    While the deathcore genre is certainly on the decline, Thy Art is Murder continues to fight and wow over the extreme music fans of the world. Human Target is just another flex by the Australian outfit that continues to compile enjoyable records. In fact, I believe we have yet to see the best record from this group. Until that time comes, this particular entry in the journal of Thy Art is Murder is certainly one of their best yet.





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