TOBY KNAPP Reveals Working Title Of New Album

    TOBY KNAPP Reveals Working Title Of New Album

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    Guitarist Toby Knapp has contacted BraveWords with the following update:

    “I am midway through the recording of the second Where Evil Follows album. I had not planned on doing this album! After I finished my solo album a floodgate of new material emerged. Writing music can be a difficult process so when inspiration strikes, I go with it until it’s drained.” 

    “The working title of the album is Dragon Of Revelation, and I will be writing the lyrics and handling the vocals. The music calls for something abrasive yet melodic and I am confident I can do it. If I decide I’m unhappy with my voice, I have options. So far, so good.”

    “As with the first album, this one will be released on Moribund Records. The album will be out sometime in 2021.”

    For further details, follow Toby Knapp on Facebook.



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