Turborider – Making Metal [LP]

    Band founded by Chus Rider (guitar) and Victor Savage (voice) in the city of Cartagena, (Murcia). They had been playing their entire lives and there was no physical proof of all their effort and dedication to music, and they decided to record a demo under the name of Turborider, “Machine Man” as the title of the demo, with the first 3 songs they composed, It has had quite a lot of acceptance, and a more than notable repercussion, the 400 copies they released have been sold and they have made a second edition to continue offering material. They are also proud to appear on the compilation album “Spanish Steel Attack Vol. 3” and Vol.4. Later the group was completed in early 2018 when they joined Turborider, Raul “Kifi” (drums) and Miguel Ungo, (bass). In 2020 “Making Metal” comes out, the first full-length album. A few years have passed and the perseverance and discipline in the rehearsals has paid off, they are already fully prepared and giving everything on stage. Turborider – Making Metal [2020]
    01 – Intro ~ 0:00
    02 – Making Metal ~ 0:29
    03 – Steel Machine ~ 4:31
    04 – Betrayer ~ 8:41
    ?05 – Poison of Hell ~ 12:47
    06 – Sky Is Burning ~ 15:56
    07 – Smells So Good ~ 21:05
    08 – Machine Man ~ 23:59
    09 – Croms Mountain ~ 27:15
    10 – Wheels of Fire ~ 32:06


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