Videoclip Premiere : Tremor Ama – Mirrors ⚡️

    Tremor Ama presents the second track from their Live at Brasserie d’Orville

    Back in May, we were already premiering their video clip of ‘Grey’, and a couple of weeks later, Mr. Momo made a review and interview for the release of their Debut Album, Beneath. They came back to us a few weeks ago, to unleash today the second song from their Live session at Brasserie d’Orville, mentioned in their interview. The location looks great and sounds even better than that, the reverberation highlighting the depth and spaciousness of the band, with a good emphasis on Raphaël’s voice.

    Here is ‘Mirrors’, a good slice of fuzz with doomy heavy psych vibes, shot live in a small brewery, north of Paris:


    The song is really fitting such a place, and the people behind the cameras are also exploiting the spot in their shots, making it a well-assembled package for you to enjoy. That’s what is interesting with these kinds of videos, shot in unusual places for music, you get a sneak peek at the band’s universe, and a feeling of how it might have been to stand there with them while they unleashed those fuzzy tunes in that hoppy factory.

    I really enjoy the tension building up through the song, giving time and space to the dark atmosphere before eventually unleashing it to climax. Somehow the band seems to hold back until the last part, where Rémi’s having fun on his guitar while the others make sure that riff really leaves its imprint at the back of your brain.

    Sadly, ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Mirrors’ are the only two tracks they recorded there because I feel like a full set live session in that place could be quite interesting to dive into, maybe next time?

    Anyway, since our last articles, the vinyl version of this record has become available, as a gorgeous ultra-limited edition of 100 crystal clear vinyl with purple & black splatter! As mentioned in the interview, the band self produced everything, grounding their own label, Salade-Tomate-Orion.

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