Yaatra – Agonía De La Tierra [LP]

    Yaatra is a band born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 2016. It is the musical consequence of trying to tell a story without words, making the trip different for everyone. Our drawings and graphics support these tales, turning Yaatra into a complete work of art. Production: Yaatra Adrian Rodriguez (Guitar), Christian Quiroga (Bass), Nino Ferron (Guitar), Renzo Perini (Drums). Recorded, mixed and mastered at Estudio Paraíso, August 2017. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Illustration and design: Push Graphic Studio All themes belong to Yaatra. Yaatra – Agony Of The Earth [2021]
    1 – Agony Of The Earth ~ 0:00 2 – The Flight Of The Species ~ 6:36 3 – Exodus ~ 15:56 4 – Where We Are Going ~ 23:22 5 – Epilogue I: Awakening ~ 27:15 6 – Epilogue II: Reborn ~ 32:38 Yaatra Facebook
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