Yoth Iria – Reveal Upcoming Album's Tracklist & Cover Art

    This December, Greek black metal formation Yoth Iria will drop their debut full length, As The Flame Withers. Now, they have unveiled additional details – tracklist and cover art, which was completed by Harnasash Singh.

    Yoth Iria’s music is an amalgam of the influences and visions of its creators. Dark, diabolical, emotional, powerful and majestic. A fresh look into ’90s Greek occult black metal with a nostalgia of the past and a look into the future.

    The band explain: “The album is deeply rooted in the glorious past but with a new advanced perspective maintaining the sinister feeling combined with a dark atmosphere and the fury of Hell itself. Each song is a black diamond! THE LORD IS ASCENDING! THE PRINCE IS AFLAME! YOTH IRIA!!”

    Song titles as follows:

    – Hermetical Code
    – The Luciferian
    – The Red Crown Turns Black
    – Tyrants
    – Yoth Iria
    – The Mantis
    – The Great Hunter
    – Unborn-Undead-Eternal
    Yoth Iria


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