2 Headed Dogs – The Engine is On (Full Album 2021)

    The Engine is On (2021)
    2 Headed Dogs
    01 – Death Race 00:00

    02 – The Engine is On 02:29

    03 – Brand New Mother 05:11

    04 – The Prey 08:20

    05 – Last Chance 11:36

    06 – Moonlight Reaction 17:27

    07 – Round 1 21:12

    08 – Down the Road 23:07

    09 – You 27:15
    2 Headed Dogs are a heavy rock band from Preveza, Greece. They play a mixture of garage, blues, punk and stoner heavily influenced by bands like The Hellacopters and Nebula. They released their first S/T full length in February 2016 and in September of the same year Nasoni Records signed them and released the album in vinyl format. After a line up change (Antonis left the band and Nikos took over the bass and the vocals) they started writing material for their new album along with multiple shows all over Greece. Their new album, titled “The Engine Is On” will be released on 26 of February 2021 and shows an obvious direction to faster, more punk-ish riffs and tempos while keeping the 2 Headed Dogs characteristic sound and playability.

    “The Engine Is On” is recorded, mixed and mastered by 2 Headed Dogs at their home studio in Preveza, GR.

    2 Headed dogs are:
    Giorgos: Guitar
    Spiros: Drums
    Nikos: Bass & Vocals

    Source 666MrDoom

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