Black 7 – Powerful – Melodic – Instrumental – Symphonic – Dark

    Black 7 is a solo project by Lars Totzke, a guitarist and songwriter from Hanover. After his first album “Look Inside” was successfully released in 2021, the sequel „2nd Chapter“ is scheduled to drop in 2023. Stylistically it is a bit darker besides the melodic songs. Many different moods and styles are fused together again. Heavy parts alternating with quiet moments creating a wonderful journey to the listener, you will never miss the vocals!

    PRESS „There is just so much going on, from a death-dealing speed metal riff here to a pompously overblown melody there, from solos that would sear a steak quicker than a Texan barbecue to beautifully constructed passages of lilting pathos, all of which counterpoint each other superbly.“ – Über Rock „Black 7 features the most graceful interchanges between leading instruments … lures people into the symphony with the somber violin, quickly turning into a sorrowful acoustic guitar which is then beautifully overtaken by a soulful electric guitar.“ – „The whole lot, listening to ‘Look Inside’ was like telling a story of what could be going in the music in your own image and imagination“ – metal 1on1 Black 7 Is: All instruments: Lars Totzke

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