A video for Superhorror’s second single “Holy Water” is available on YouTube.

The band states: “After releasing ‘Satan Loves You’, a typical Superhorror-style song, we’re trying something more ‘cinematic’, and ‘Holy Water’ was chosen as a perfect soundtrack for the story we wanted to tell… we hope our fans will appreciate this 90s B-Movie -like videoclip!”
“Holy Water” is taken from Superhorror’s new self-produced full-length album “Devilish Whisper”, due to release on April 28, 2023; the very same night a release party will be held in Milan, Italy, at Legend Club. The album will be available in both digital and physical format through Bandcamp and will feature some special guests like guitarist Casey (The Brokendolls, ex-Thee S.T.P.), singer Jack (Speed Stroke) and bassist Mr.4 (ex-Superhorror). 
1. Devilish Whisper
2. The Superhorror Show
3. Holy Water
4. Memento Party
5. The Z Word
6. Devilish Theme (feat. Casey – Brokendolls)
7. Dead Girls Are Good
8. Satan Loves You
9. Church Of I.D.G.A.F. (feat. Jack – Speed Stroke)
10. Back To The Graveyard (feat. MR.4)
Edward J. Freak: Vocals
Didi Bukz: Guitar
Jimi: Guitar
Vale: Bass
Franky Voltage: Drums
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