Troyen NWOBHM – No Going Back

    The 1st single off the forthcoming album Falling Off The Edge Of Forever, featuring new vocalist Mark Walling Source OCCULT TEMPLE OF DOOM

    Troyen NWOBHM – Come On

    Come On is the 2nd single to be released from the forthcoming album "Falling Off The Edge Of Forever". It will be available to...

    Troyen NWOBHM – Nightmare

    Taken from our "A New Dawn" EP released in June 2019. Recorded at Elusive Recording Studios March 2019 Steve McGuire - Lead Guitar & Vocals Jeff...

    Troyen NWOBHM – It’s Not Too Late

    Written to highlight the current climate issues, 'It's Not Too Late' taken from the new album 'Falling Off The Edge Of Forever' is released...

    If you’re looking for a Michael Jackson song played in the style of Slayer, stop scrolling now

    In a recent Metal Hammer interview with Slayer’s Kerry King, the guitarist reflected on life following the end of the band after almost a...

    JazzMinero – tchsx3 Source OCCULT TEMPLE OF DOOM

    Bad Absalom – Bad Absalom (Full Album 2021)

    Bad Absalom (2021) Sydney-based troupe of idiots looking to bring our flavour of stoner-infused punk rock to as many stages as possible. 1 Captain Caveman's Unhealthy...

    Craneium – Unknown Heights (Full Album 2021)

    Unknown Heights (2021) Craneium Turku, Finland LABEL: The Sign Records: 1 A Secret Garden 00:00 2 Somber Aeons 04:37 3 Weight To Carry 10:47 4...

    Humbucker – 13 Earthtone Blues

    Humbucker-Mondo Electro Recorded in 2002 This Was Humbucker's debut album Mondo Electro. This album still holds up today in 2021. These 13 songs...

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