Foot – The Balance Of Nature Shifted [LP]

    Foot are a 4 piece desert/stoner rock band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Foot - The Balance Of Nature Shifted 1 - Despair On Hope...

    EarthOmen – Footprints In The Snow [EP]

    Dreamn, powerful, doomed blues from Australia. EarthOmen - Footprints In The Snow 1 - Let Me Go ~ 0:00 2 - Abyss ~ 5:19 3 -...

    Paleons – Hyperborean [LP]

    Paleons are a Instrumental Post Rock, Noise, Krautrock & Psychedelia. Paleons - Hyperborean 1 - Moon Dragon ~ 0:00 2 - The Circle And Eternity ~...

    Terriculum Avium – Shift [EP]

    Terriculum Avium emerged as a band in November 2018, after the dissolution due to differences in attitude and disagreements of Tuverías Smith, our previous...

    The Age Of Truth – Resolute [LP]

    The Age Of Truth is a band, a brotherhood and a mission. Four brothers-in-arms from Philadelphia united in the singular pursuit of making the...

    Oceanlord – Oceanlord [Demo]

    Oceanlord are a Melbourne band playing a unique mix of psych, doom and stoner they have dubbed ‘Stoner Gloom Rock.’ With a demo out...

    Shrooms Circle – Little Puppet [Single]

    Shrooms Circle was created by Kelen Ob and Scorp in Vevey, Switzerland, as a studio project in 2013, and the first Demo was recorded...

    Los Mundos – Lo Que Trae la Luna [Single]

    What do Los Mundos sound like? Loud guitars; deep-voiced melodies and dark lyrics; solid batteries; distortion-heavy basses and occasional synths....

    Desahuciados – Desahuciados [LP]

    Puerto Rican punk trio formed in 2016, with touches of post-punk and deathrock. Evicted - Evicted 01 - Fomes Peccati ~ 0:00 02...

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