A MILLION WAYS TO DIE – The Veneer (Official Video)


    A MILLION WAYS TO DIE is a new project by Rob Mc Lennan and Dave de Vetta, ex of legendary South African goth rock band No Friends of Harry. Two decades after the demise of NFOH , the enforced COVID lockdowns opened the way for a new collaborative opportunity. Working between Scotland and South Africa, what started as a swapping of isolated ideas soon began to take cohesive shape, evolving with it an undeniable yet stand-out style. Playing and creating together came back quickly and easily, springing from the depths of residual memories from the days together in NFOH. The initial spark was a 2018 visit to Scotland by Rob, where an afternoon jam session in Dave’s home studio laid the foundation for the first song.

    The recorded fragments lay untouched for a year or so, until forced isolation prompted a revisit. Armed with now-readily-available sharing technology, the song quickly took shape, and a slew of new songs followed, including a bold reinterpretation of David Bowie’s classic opus ‘Cat People’.

    “The lyrics of The Veneer speak for themselves. We live in a time where social mediums are the main platforms for influencing public opinion, very often on very valid cause related issues. But quite often the people who gain massive support through inflaming communities into creating toxic behaviour under the guise of supporting or inciting a valid cause, use it for personal (monetary, political, or reputational) gain, through band standing and use of false information and manipulation, often creating division, and a rabble mentality that can often destroy people’s lives…” – Rob Mc Lennan / A MILLION WAYS TO DIE



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