A time capsule from the world of 80’s Helsinki nightclubs and dark backrooms

    Svart Records will release a queer album that was once shelved in Kaink snake Boy in October

    Unpublished in 1984 Son of a snakealbum is an exceptional case in the history of Finnish pop culture. It was the first – and only in decades – attempt to openly launch a queer art career and direct it to the awareness of the average consumer.

    Ralf Örnin yes Jaana Rinteen at the heart of the project he conceived was Son of a snakealso known in the punk and underground circles of the 1980s Baseas. His character or the album recorded at the time has nothing to do with homoseeotypes, it was a real way out of the margins and even a decent smelly attitude.

    Unlike big world artists like Frankie Goes To Hollywood or Bronski Beat, The Snake Boy didn’t even try to adapt to the demands of the mainstream. It was a real outsider that shook the Conservatives and the common people even if they had never released a piece of music. On the other hand, the time is also shown by the fact that if an HLBTIQ-positive album had been released in Finland in 1984, it would have shown a real rebellion by the publisher. It happened differently. When the record company heard the final release, it was immediately shelved.

    Svart Records finally releases The boy of the serpent an album bearing his own name on October 7, 2022, as if in a time capsule from the world of nightclubs and dark backrooms in the 80s in Helsinki. Accompanying the limited edition of the 350-piece black vinyl edition, an appendix will be published in which the artist himself tells the background of the project and his music – and, of course, his own story of the gap between the subcultures and dominant cultures of the 1980s.

    Son of a snake

    Son of the Serpent: The Son of the Serpent LP

    A1 Eros – Like God (my boyfriend from Jamaica)

    A2 Die in an old cup

    A3 Varasartisti

    A4 In a military bed

    A5 The Reptile King of Walking

    B1 6-year-old suicide candidate

    B2 The female perspective

    B3 The son can do nothing for it

    B4 Black with white

    B5 The Snake Boy

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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