Acid Magus – Caligulater (Visualizer)

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    ‘Caligulater ’ is the latest from progressive-rock giants Acid Magus.

    Continuing the cynical theme established with Demon Behemoth, ‘Caligulater’ derives its name from the infamous emperor Gaius, otherwise known as Caligula. He was the megalomaniacal third emperor of Rome, a man steeped in violent and sadistic excess. ‘Caligulater’ is the 2nd of 3 singles that tease the band’s charge toward their anticipated new album ‘Hope is Heavy’. Epic and crushingly beautiful ‘Caligulater’ boasts sinewy psych-rock tones and spacious prog-rock textures.

    “Massive, crushing, beautiful, alive and cathartic ‘Caligulater’ explores my own existential crisis and self-imposed vitriolic outlook on the world (when at my worst). The “they” in the main hook, “they made us, betrayed us and enslaved us” can be applied to any subject. It could be Caligula himself concerning the citizens of Rome circa 37 AD or your parents, boss, society as a whole etc. It can even apply to yourself in the end…” – Keenan Kinnear (Acid Magus)

    “Fuzzy psychedelic grooves from the mountains of Pretoria” – Metal Hammer
    “Acid Magus deliver a debut album that’s bonafide AOTY material” – Doom Charts
    “Album of the year contender” – Outlaws Of The Sun
    “Packs a heavy, unavoidable punch, both lyrically and musically” – Texx And The City
    “Cracking with both light and darkness, melody and cacophony” – The Sleeping Shaman

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