Agacy – The Space Between Our Lips (Full Album)

    1-Cry Into My Heart (0.00)
    2-Give My Life Back (3.02)
    3-Come On Out (7.02)
    4-When You Kissed Me (11.02)
    5-Trying Too Hard (14.23)
    6-Not Worth It (18.19)
    7-Every Time (22.19)
    8-Born In The 90s (25.46)
    9-Fireworks (28.47)
    10-Remember (32.41)
    11-All We Ever Wanted (36.52)

    As part of our collaboration with Swedish Yellow Step Records, we are publishing the two releases on the label as limited edition cassettes.

    Adam is better known for playing bass in Swedish indie rock band “Hater” but is debut album under the name Agacy, shows his skills stretch endlessly across 11 tracks (with a new bonus track included.) It winds its way between indie rock and pop music with a dreamy sentiment kept throughout. Yet, the album still retains dance-able moments with hints of ABBA sprinkled in.

    “The Space Between Our Lips” is a ten track collection of emotional and solid post-punk inspired pop. All songs are recorded and mixed in a home studio and they are mastered by Joakim Lindberg at Studio Sickan. The music is often based on simple synth pads and coloured by echoing rock guitars and straight-forward drum loops.” – Adam
    released August 7, 2020

    Originally Released October 25th, 2019

    All songs are written, performed, recorded and mixed by Adam Agace

    Mastered by Joakim Lindberg

    Lyrics on “Give My Life Back” by Adam Agace and Paul Botwid.

    Drums on “Give My Life Back” and “Trying Too Hard” performed by
    Andreas Pollak, recorded at Studio Sickan by Joakim Lindberg

    Juno Synthesiser on “When You Kiss Me” performed by Axel Lindbäck

    Album artwork design by Paul Botwid

    Cassette artwork by Bjorn Falk

    Published by Crafting Room Recordings


    Independent record label based in Brighton -Dream Pop – Indie Rock – Ambient Music – Founded 2019 by Archie Sagers

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