Ann Jangle – Soul Riding (feat. Sagarias Tsam) [Official Video]


    “Soul Riding” is lifted from Ann Jangle’s acclaimed 2021 EP “Into The Desert”.

    “Into the Desert” is a raw stripped-down EP that takes the listener on a journey through time into the desert landscapes of Namibia while Sagarias Tsam’s desert blues guitar and vocal style enhances the experience. The tracks are deeply rooted in a psychedelic folk journey that beg for repeat plays. Key track “Heavier Than Lead” is a raw stripped-back folk meditation that transports one on a journey into the Namibian desert landscapes (and far beyond).

    Ann Jangle; Queen of the underground; her ominous style of dark folk, electric rock, gypsy infused, theatrical, soulful style of writing & performing leaves a long-lasting impression. Jangle belts out her voice on stage like she was born there. This South-African born singer/ songwriter/ producer/ composer has performed her way onto a variety of stages all across Europe & Southern Africa. On her latest EP “Into The Desert” Jangle collaborates with Sagarias Tsam, an acclaimed Namibian musician on the rerecording of two older tracks taken from Jangle’s 2015 album “Kicking Sawdust”, namely “Oh Mi Madre” and “Heavier Than Lead” including new compositions “Soul Riding” and “Free to Run”; both written in Zambia & Tanzania while Ann was cycling through Africa to uplift communities through music & raise awareness for animals.

    This time round Ann Jangle is in a vehicle with her partner DJ Space Cowboy and their 2 dogs driving from Cape Town to Kenya where they will be relocating, coincidentally the route they both cycled on separate occasions. This journey now called African Dream Odyssey allowed Ann Jangle to have her music equipment and meet and perform with many new great local artists. Although Covid had most of the shows canceled, Ann still played music and made magic happen.



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