ARCADEA – "Army of Electrons" (Official Video)

    ARCADEA – Army of Electrons (Official Video)
    ‘Arcadea’ is out now on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records.
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    Directed by Core Atoms

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    5 billion years after the last great extinction, the galaxy Andromeda spins headlong into the Milky Way with three intergalactic travelers in tow. Drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Guitarist/keyboardist Core Atoms (Zruda, Gaylord) and Keyboardist/guitarist Raheem Amlani (Withered, Scarab) are said pioneers, the space wizards of psychedelic soundscapes where organic drums collide with synthetic keys to create an infinite transmission from an event horizon. They go by ARCADEA and their otherworldly brand of psyche-electric, synth-driven, metallic madness sounds alien yet somehow familiar. ARCADEA’s visionary, self-produced, self-titled debut was mastered by Colin Leonard (Mastodon) and features stunning cover art from renowned sci-fi fantasy artist Essy May.


    What starts with light?
    What burns the night?
    What shadow consumes with its fumes when its parts unite?

    All that’s left behind are wandering ghosts
    A vision of light will ignite from the blazing coast
    We have won the war but it’s miles till the force will be felt
    In the path of a great plasma blast lies hell

    Invisible waves grip and blanket the landscape
    Absorb the force source mutate the shape

    Break the hold you hold
    The grip that steals the light from orbit

    Spin freely or suffer the weight
    Shape shifter contemplate
    While the forces of phantoms flood over and storm your gates
    Lay down your life shape sacrifice
    Crashing the core and reborn as radiant light

    Invisible waves grip and blanket the landscape
    Absorb the force we take we bend light

    We spin freely we breed orbit velocity
    We crash to ignite we are electric
    Through the corona of the sun
    1 trillion joules of starlight march the path to war

    source Relapse Records

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