Arcanist – Averoigne (Full Album 2024)

    Averoigne (2024)
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    In this third release of the French #dungeon #synth duo, we travel to medieval France. At its core, this album firmly represents Arcanist’s signature Berlin School sound, but it is much more than that. Averoígne explores aspects of medieval music and folk instrumentation. Guitars, lutes, mandolin are peppered with live percussion, drum set and even spoken word. As the title suggests, the music’s inspiration is taken from the Averoigne stories of the American fantasy writer Clark Ashton Smith. The album concludes with the epic masterpiece The Colossus of Ylourgne in two parts, clocking in at almost 15 minutes each. The grandeur and scope of this album truly transcends any classification, and it will surely take the listener on a rich and unforgettable journey of the imagination.
    LABEL:Yuggoth Records
    For label submissions and inquiries contact Peter Scartabello at: [email protected]
    Rendezvous in Averoígne 00:00
    The Holiness of Azederac 09:19
    A Night in Malneant 17:55
    End of the Story 30:46
    The Colossus of Ylourgne (part one) 1.The Flight of the Necromancer 2.The Gathering of the Dead 3.The Testimony of the Monks 4.The Going forth of Gaspard du Nord 34:24
    The Colossus of Ylourgne (conclusion) 5.The Horror of Ylourgne 6.The Vaults of Ylourgne 7.The Coming of the Colossus 8.The Laying of the Colossus 49:04
    released May 3, 2024

    cover art by Matthew Jaffe
    calligraphy by Josh Yelle

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