Archie Sagers + Baltimore at an Angle – Nothing at All (Music Video)




    Bright light hits the paper
    I wish for Friday later
    Cuz nothing is happening now
    Cuz nothing is happening now

    Neon drenched by moonlight
    We couldn’t get out tonight
    It’s totally wrong
    It’s totally wrong
    And after all it meant

    Nothing at all

    Will you look in the mirror
    Will you take a chance forever
    And something is wrong
    I’m feeling worn out
    Maybe I can express motivation now

    Show some semblance of self-doubt
    And tell I made it out, of all the shouts
    Because, after all it meant

    Nothing at all

    Through the leaves is the second single from Archie Sagers’ debut album. Influenced by the driving bass lines of Peter Hook (Joy Division and New Order) and the guitar work of Robert Smith (The Cure), the title track provides a post-punk energy which drives the song forward. With an accompanying music video, filmed in isolation, composed of psychedelic visuals of the Wiltshire countryside.

    Through the Leaves Music Video:

    The B-Side, Nothing at All, displays the opposite feeling; with one Archie’s most relaxed and warm songs to date. G. Gillingham, star of the labels roster with his debut album under the name Baltimore at an Angle, provides his vocals with their signature sentiment. A striking music video has also been created by Archie for this song. Contrasting bright washed out visuals with stark black and white imagery of his surrounding area in Wiltshire. Showing brightness and warmth can be found anywhere in these challenging times.

    Nothing at All Music Video:

    “Through the Leaves is the second single off of Archie Sager’s upcoming album. His new album of material promises to be his most fully formed and painstakingly crafted music to date and is as much infected with catchy riffs and melodies as it is with emotional moments, drawing from experiences over the last few years.”

    Independent record label based in Brighton -Dream Pop – Indie Rock – Ambient Music – Founded 2019 by Archie Sagers

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