Archie Sagers – By Your House (Music Video)

    Made with footage from the past few years, playing with my band Cosmic Lightshow
    and videos from a J Masics and Sebadoh gig I went to in Bristol.

    Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Archie Sagers


    Evenings merge together, sitting in a circle talking
    All alone with you, wool on my eyes, I can’t see through
    Standing there, on the road, can’t leave home, but I can leave you
    I’m moving fast, I’m flying, across the world and I can’t stop now

    Oh, and the stars will fall
    Crushing, the dusk in my soul
    I couldn’t wait another hour for the sun to rise
    We were sitting on the green of the park by your house

    The sun will rise slow, peaking, above the clouds we can’t look down
    My eyes leap, I see, the dawn affecting all but me
    The time has come, where I leave, all the thoughts changing me
    Blue screen wakes, my soul, the morning where I still felt whole
    By Your House is the B-side of Archie Sagers’ third new single from his debut album. The music video features videos taken of the band he plays bass in “Cosmic Lightshow” with random practice sessions and clips of the group taken over the past few years. The track forms an air of nostalgia, which is enhanced by the visuals of the group which will have to disband this year as they are all moving away from each-other.

    “His new album of material promises to be his most fully formed and painstakingly crafted music to date and is as much infected with catchy riffs and melodies as it is with emotional moments, drawing from experiences over the last few years”

    “In addition to playing bass in the 4-piece Cosmic Lightshow, Archie is about to release his debut album, following his excellent debut EP” – WhiteLight WhiteHeat

    Independent record label based in Brighton -Dream Pop – Indie Rock – Ambient Music – Founded 2019 by Archie Sagers

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