Astrodome – II (Full Album 2018)

    II (2018)
    Porto, Portugal
    Mirage 00:00​
    Secular Fields 10:10​
    Dawn Gardens 16:26​
    Sunrite 22:10​
    Atlas 34:19
    “If Astrodome’s first album was all about an epic tale of discovery, the second chapter tells us about the destination in real and metaphorical terms. This is an album of details, through moments of subtleness, hidden sounds and pure beauty, the band now paints an amazing picture in every song, showing the destination they reached in terms of maturity and their distinctive style. At the core, the foundations of Astrodome’s spaceship are still there.”
    released March 4, 2018

    Astrodome is Zé, Kevin, Mike and Bruno.

    Live Recorded and Mixed by Marco Lima at Hertzcontrol Studio, Portugal.

    Mastered by Jonas Munk, Denmark.

    Produced by Astrodome.

    Art by Clara Pessanha (

    Source 666MrDoom

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