Avant-pop artist Roivanen will release his debut album on Friday

    Roivanen is an idea that explores entanglements. It is both disembodied and corporeal. It’s not just the narrator of its songs, it’s the place through which emotions, thoughts, and images pass. A beautiful, cracking glass ball – an inner organ – an intimate landscape bubble with rain.

    Am I fleeing myself or others, or myself from others? Roivanen, who combines avant-pop and spoken Word, asks and calls his songs steps. How could one waste a moment and get dirty in the mess of his mind?

    Tiia Roivanen likes to play, discover new adventures and wonder about reactions. Roivanen works on the sustainability of nature, body and mind and the diverse materials used. He is fascinated by the landscapes of mind that unite us all, but which are often inaccessible to us. How does everything intertwine and where?

    SOOMA The EP was born through changing walls, courtyards and encounters from Karjalohja to different realities. The project started with a desire to understand the connection between body and mind. It was shaped by strong feelings – a tendency to disappear into inner stories and images. SOOMA When working for the EP, it was important for Roivanen that the work steps of the project were felt strongly in the body. He sees his songs as spaces into which the listener can step in and decorate them with their own details.

    Black Recordsin a sub-sign focused on electronic and rhythm music Svartronix has entered into a recording contract with visual artist and composer Tiia Roivanen. Debut EP with the name Roivanen SOOMA will be published digitally on November 13, 2020. The publication is produced by Karina and Babelfamiliar from bands Karin Mäkiranta. The album features a familiar Karina band as a visitor Helmi Tikkanen (bass and cello), drummer Mikko Maijala (The Holy) and the songs are decorated with violins Elias Riipinen (Elia, The Holy, Lac Belot).

    Translated from Finnish…

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