Big Beast No Head – The Name of This Album is the First Song (Full Album 2019)

    The Name of This Album is the First Song (2019)
    When the 90’s and Fuzz Rock made a baby they named it Big Beast No Head.
    Big Beast No Head was born in Thessaloniki Greece but each member comes from different kinds of places like their sound. Part rock, part bluesy tears and a splash of retro Greek vibes is what make Big Beast No Head come to life.
    Big Beast No Head
    1. My Cage 00:00
    2. My First Tears 03:17
    3. Wake The Child In Me 05:50
    4. Nothing Ain’t Cheap 09:11
    5. Sea Side 12:25
    6. The Dog Abides 16:31
    7. Half Halo 20:28
    8. The Devil Will Smile 23:30
    9. Crossroad 25:58
    10. I Think About You 29:06
    11. My One True Love 32:57
    12. Without Sleep 36:35
    13. State Of Youth 39:22
    14. City Lights 42:15
    15. Dream About You 45:27
    Big Beast No Head was born in 2018 and found a home in Blueberry Productions Co. where the first album “The name of this album is the first song“ was recorded and finalised in January 2019.

    15 songs to add in your morning, night and midnight playlist. Big Beast No Head is here for all your happy and not so happy moments. All you have to do is wear your headphones or crank up your speakers. It’s punchy, it’s fuzzy, it’s groovy. It’s alive!
    released January 3, 2019

    Vocalist, guitarist: Aristotelis Mavropoulos aka Mars Blackbird
    Guitarist: Konstantinos Kofinas
    Drums and percussion: Georgios Baltas
    Backing vocals: Elina Tasioula, Meliana Karta*, Panos Doukas

    Composer, songwriter and lyricist: Aristotelis Mavropoulos
    Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Konstantinos Kofinas at Blueberry Productions Co.

    *Meliana Karta is also the co-lyricist and vocalist for the song “Sea Side”.

    Source 666MrDoom

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