BIG SCENIC NOWHERE – Defector (Of Future Days) // HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records

    DEFECTOR (OF FUTURE DAYS) is the new BIG SCENIC NOWHERE single. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming new album THE LONG MORROW, out via Heavy Psych Sounds in early 2022 !!!

    Guitar, vocals, synthesizer
    This is the only song I played guitar on during the live writing sessions for this album. Like most songs during these sessions, the main riff was something that Gary came up with and we just fell in, adding our styles to compliment his. Because I was writing on guitar for this one, it’s the song that sounds most like me or Mos Generator. When it came time to do the guitar overdubs I used a Fender strat and that is not a typical choice for me. I think I wanted the top end to have that stratocaster chime. If I was going to site an influence on this track I would have to say it’s Voivod. Not only in the guitar chords, but also in the vocal melodies. I can hear the influence of their 1991 album “Angel Rat” in many places on this song. In fact, Voivod (and the bands that influenced them) find their way into much of my writing. The lyrics are about how your choices have a massive impact on your future and how fear of a wrong choice can keep you from taking chances.

    The main riff was inspired by later BLACK FLAG, the “process of weeding out” era. In my opinion the most innovative Black Flag record.

    This tune is the only song on the record that I play bass on. I find that we write differently when one of us switches instruments. It’s funny, you can kinda hear that there is a guitar player playing bass. Probably played a few too many notes but what the hell!

    It sounds like if Phil Spector recorded on the beach and was chilling with everyone and taking it easy.

    RECORD LABEL & BOOKING – Heavy Psych – Stoner – 70’s – Retro Rock – Vintage

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