Bill Fay Group – After The Revolution (Official Audio)

    “After The Revolution” by Bill Fay Group from the upcoming album ‘Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow’, out 2/23/24 on Dead Oceans.
    Stream/Buy ‘Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow’:

    After the revolution,
    with my gun still smoking,
    I bent over the man I had shot.

    His breath was warm,
    against my ear,
    and I waited what seemed an eternity for the words to take shape in his mouth.

    There is no peace unless it be through Christ, no freedom unless it be through God,
    knot in my stomach,
    old rage in my head,
    and I go to shout no,
    but I could not tear the voice from my throat,
    a voice that in it’s time had vomited forth a thousand words in anger,
    men and women are we to eat these rotting greens for ever,
    or take up hammers against the reign of the monotone tide,
    with pistols sparkling in the sun.

    His eyes closed, head slumped back…

    Bill Fay Group – After The Revolution (Official Audio)
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    Dead Oceans is an American independent record label based in Bloomington, Indiana with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Dead Oceans is a label included in Secretly Group, which also includes Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar.

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