Black Sky Giant – Primigenian (Full Album 2023)

    Primigenian (2023)
    #Stoner / #Space/ #Psychdelic_Rock from Rosario, Argentina
    Primigenian 00:00
    At The Gates 03:32
    Stardust 09:56
    The Great Hall 14:43
    Sonic Thoughts 20:03
    The Foundational Found Tapes 23:25

    “Finally, after eternal storms, thousands of lost souls, we have found the beginning.
    Crossing the sea of ​​infinity, you can see the huge original skulls, the skulls of the ancients, the primigenians”.


    “The prophecies were right! The great original structure, and we are at the gates”.


    “Behold before your eyes, the primordial wonder, the source of the purest knowledge, the great hall”.


    “Captain! You should see this… Apparently this is old technology, some kind of cassette tapes…”.


    released January 1, 2023

    Produced by Black Sky Giant.

    Cover art by Deliria Vision.

    Love to everyone who listens to the records, comments and supports the project.
    Hope you can connect with this story.

    “In the twilight of time, the giant will soar through the black skies of eternity, telling stories to come”.

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