Boargazm – Armagammon [Full Album Stream]

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    1. Epsilon 00:00:00
    2. Omikron 00:03:53
    3. Bleed Like A Stuck Pig 00:07:44
    4. Bangers & Hash 00:10:55
    5. Ripped in Two 00:13:53
    6. Battle Fry 00:18:01
    7. Planet of Execution 00:21:58
    8. Schweinfurt 00:25:08

    Boargazm is one of South Africa’s premiere hardcore Metal acts. Referred to as the ‘The Pig Whisperers’ by fans (in line with their elaborate animal themed costumes) Boargazm see the release of new single ‘Schweinfurt’.

    Influenced by classic Nu & Modern Metal ‘Schweinfurt’ plays strongly into Boargazm’s graphic comic thematic. Based on a fictional character crash-landing onto a dangerous planet Boargazm deliver hard, aggressive and groovy slices of top shelf Metal theatrics.

    Boargazm is a thematic metalcore band founded iconic Metal musician Heine van der Walt, the youngest brother of the prestigious “Wolmer” clan. The Wolmer brothers have been involved in countless acts since the early 90s, and includes famed South African bands Not My Dog, Jack Hammer, and Thysis. Boargazm’s debut ‘The Aporkalypse’ was completely written and recorded by Heine van der Walt. It was intended as a solo project, but for the album launch Heine got the last RhütZ line-up together again and the rest is history. The masks Boargazm wear were created by the bands bassist, Cicero Carstens, who sculpts each individual mask in clay, then casts a ‘negative’ mould with plaster. From there he pours latex in the mould to and hand paints them. Then the finished masks are attached to pre-fitted lightweight polymer ‘internal’ mask, which fit comfortably on the face.



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