Brother O Brother – Skin Walker (Full Album 2022)

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    All gas, no brakes. “Skin Walker” refers to the Native American legend of shapeshifting humanoids. Often through possession and disguise, few things felt more relevant to the world around us when writing this LP from a cultural sense. Possession via media, personality, hubris, culture, the works. Skin Walker infestation seems to have taken place in the modern world with a zealous grip. More than ever the political realm feels as if it has permeated every last ounce of existence.

    The writing goals were to write the heaviest garage and psych infused LP we could while communicating our message and story. Discussion of new and emerging A.I. tech, mass surveillance, big brother, along with political polarization at an all-time fever pitch made the LP cathartic to write. We believe this is our most complete work to date with more production, time, and investment poured in than ever before. “Skin Walker” drops digitally via Romanus Records Sept 10TH with ground breaking vinyl designs and innovations to follow. Embrace the Elixir of tone below –

    Brother O Brother
    Romanus Records
    Prologue To Delirium 00:00
    Elixir 00:54
    Death By Consumption 04:28
    Wizards & Warlocks 09:21
    Who Wants It, Who Gets It 12:26
    Skin Walker 17:23
    Cyborg 21:05
    Specie Of Noise 24:26
    Consumerism Salvo 27:18
    Birth 30:47

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