Brother O’ Brother – Sunshine (2017) (Official Music Video)

    Brother O’ Brother began in late 2013, transitioning to a 2 piece in 2014 and has never looked back. Defying notions of what a 2 piece act should be, Brother O’ Brother’s live performance has been dubbed the best live performance in all of Indianapolis by multiple press outlets. Mix MC5 with early Black Keys and you’ve got it. B.O.B. has toured to the tune of nearly 100 dates in 2016, received critical acclaim, played both Third Man Records locations, pumped out 6 new vinyl projects on 4 differrent independent labels, and started their own independent highly custom vinyl label Romanus Records in 2016. With the arrival of their new album “Neon Native” in 2017, Brother O’ Brother will continue their DIY fuzz ascent.

    This is the official music video for Sunshine. Sunshine is the 3rd track on their latest full length album Neon Native. Neon Native gives Banta and Swopes a little wiggle room to stretch out musically. All of the swampy blues rock that made Show Pony special, is here in all its glory. Guitars are crunchy and thick, playing both lead and rhythm simultaneously. Drums are crisp and fat, sometimes battling the over-the-top vocals for the spotlight (like any crazy drummer should). But the experimentation is what makes the album unique.

    “16 Flowers” gives us a glimpse into the rarely seen punk side of Brother O’ Brother. It would be next to impossible to listen to this song while driving and not get a speeding ticket. “Sunshine” flirts with Collective Soul-esque power pop. “White Noise” fuses an acoustic country riff with an almost hypnotic kick drum. And I don’t even know where to begin with the unexpected “Life On Mars” cover. With a million miles, multiple releases, and record sales behind them, Brother O’ Brother uses Neon Native to prove they’re far more exciting than any other blues-rock duo in the indie music scene. The album utilizes the momentum set by Show Pony and tightens up every single element. It’s the same sound we’ve all come to know and love but now expanded upon.

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