Brut Oss – BRUT OSS (Full Album 2022)

    BRUT OSS (2022)
    ”Exploring the wide world of stoner rock.”
    Brut Oss
    Piacenza, Italy
    ON/OFF 00:00
    Radio Alone 04:28
    Mouse & Lion 08:42
    Run away from this Town 11:22
    How to waste your time broiling Bones 19:17
    Climb with Me 24:46
    Self titled album by the Brut Oss band is out via Orzorock Music after a couple of months of recordings in their on studio. Mixed and mastered by Andrea Scansani at SoundEnanching studio.
    The album lasts 33 minutes and consists of the 6 songs that most represented the band in that period. A short disc, an immediate listening business card that immediately places the group in the stoner genre, anyway it touches many shades ranging from more psych settings, desert travels to punk rock outbursts.
    released April 15, 2022

    Andrea Rebecchi – Lead voice, Guitar
    Riccardo Tosoni – Bass, Backing vocals, Percussions, Loop druid
    Federico J Re – Drums, Backing vocals
    Pier Primo Zanzagni – Guitar and Riff Master

    Source 666MrDoom

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