Mephistofeles “Black Sunday”

    Argentinian Stoner Doom Metal band Mephistofeles From the album "Whore" (May 2016) source MrStonebeliever

    Caronte “Elixir Rubeus”

    Italian Stoner Doom Metal band Caronte From the EP "Codex Babalon" (May 2016) Buy the digital download here: Buy the CD/Vinyl here: source MrStonebeliever

    White Dog “Witch Queen / Verus Cultus”

    US Heavy Psych/Proto Metal band White Dog "Witch Queen / Verus Cultus" (May 2016) Tracks: 1. Witch Queen 00:00 / 2. Verus Cultus 03:27 source MrStonebeliever

    Slug Mammoth ” Spooncruiser”

    Finnish Heavy/Stoner Rock band Slug Mammoth From their debut EP "Meltdown Sessions" (May 2016) source MrStonebeliever

    Cambrian Explosion “Crust of Theia”

    US Psychedelic Stoner Rock band Cambrian Explosion From "The Moon EP" (May 2016) source MrStonebeliever

    Lemurian Folk Songs “Nommo”

    Hungarian Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock band From the album "Nommo" (March 2016) source MrStonebeliever

    Gods Of Space “Wilderness Of Mirrors”

    US Psychedelic Stoner Doom Metal band Gods Of Space "Wilderness Of Mirrors" From the E.P. "Gods Of Space" (April 2014) source MrStonebeliever

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