Rockshots Records is proud to present their latest signing of Finland’s CHAMELION for the release of their debut album “Legends & Lores,” set to be unleashed in December 2023!

    Founded by the talented keyboardist Marco Sneck, CHAMELION combines epic symphonic power metal with elements of classical music, featuring choirs, renaissance melodies, and baroque arrangements. The result? A musical journey into a fantasy world where magic and might reign!

    The band is composed of Tomi Viiltola (Vocals), Marco Sneck (Keyboards), Jari Satta (Guitar), Jukka Jokikokko (Bass), and Janne Kusmin (Drums) – a solid and powerful quintet that has worked hard to bring this unique sonic experience to fans.

    “Legends & Lores” is a 10-track concept album that will sweep you into a metallic fantasy adventure, featuring heroes, elves, magical quests, and more! The music and lyrics intertwine to create a compelling story meant to be experienced from start to finish. Tune in and let yourself be carried away in this enchanted realm!

    To give you a taste of this epic journey, CHAMELION unveils “The Shadowleader,” the third track from the album and one of the earliest songs written by the band. A neoclassical composition with baroque elements that will leave you breathless!

    Listen to “The Shadowleader” and immerse yourself in anticipation for “Legends & Lores”!

    Pre-order your copy and gear up to fight for fantasy metal on December 8, 2023!

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