Chew – Horses (Full Album)

    Chew – Horses Out Now on Stolen Body Records

    Through multiple sessions, the skeleton of HORSES was crafted. Bone by bone by experimental noise freak-out shut-ins. For days at a time, we would lock ourselves in our rehearsal space with no pre-arranged music and tried to incorporate more synthesisers and electronics to establish an atmosphere. Riffs and patterns formed until they resembled songs, eventually polished to purity in live sets until taking their final alchemical shape.
    In the summer of 2021, we started production and HORSES was the dream sequence pulled from our heads. Recording dreams is highly experimental and often times resembles the warm, nostalgic warble of the unstable VHS format. We did all we could to salvage the integrity of the original dreams, but we did lose a lot in the process. 

    In an attempt to refurbish the dream state, we imported more delicious synth, incorporated electronic drums and breaks, and added extreme new flavour with the addition of our friend and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Soltes. Having completed the triptych of 3D EP, A Fine Accoutrement, and Darque Tan, HORSES rides in a new direction for CHEW defining an upcoming era of style and creativity.

    Track List

    1. Kisouma
    2. Horses
    3. Holy Fountain
    4. If You Are Sensitive To Simulators, Close Your Eyes And The Feeling Will Pass
    5. Palo Santo
    6. Pseudocide
    7. All Operators Will Be On Site
    8. Rosette Pattern
    9. The Mall

    CHEW pushes the boundaries of psychedelic electronic and post-rock with a combination of articulated and monstrously heavy rhythm section work, sample-based analog leads, and discorded psychedelic guitar. What at first seems like a strange mix of concepts quickly pulls you in and immerses you in a controlled chaos of the most melodic kind.

    CHEW is

    Sarah Wilson: Drums, Electronic Drums, Percussion
    Brett Reagan: Guitars, Electronics, Sound Manipulation
    Morgan Soltes: Bass, Synth, Effects

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